Backing up from the hosting control panel

Backing up your website’s files is very easy and straight forward with the backup tool in the hosting control panel. Please note that you will need to backup/restore your databases separately.

To backup your site’s files go to the hosting control panel and click on the “Backup/Restore” icon under “Files”.

Control Panel - Files
Figure 1: Files section on control panel

This will display the following page:

Control Panel - Backup
Figure 2: On this window you can set your site backup.

To create a new backup of your site click on “Create Full Backup”. Bear in mind that if your site is very large the backup might fail. In that case you will need to do partial backups or you might want to consider a different backup solution. Please contact our support team if you want to know more about backing up your site.

Control Panel - Backup
Figure 3: Window noting that you’re making a backup.

Once the backup is created you will be given the option to download it to your computer.

Control Panel - Backup
Figure 4: Backup donwload window.

NOTE: Backups are stored in your public_hml/ directory, so after you have downloaded them it is strongly recommended that you delete the zip archive either using the “File Manager” in the control panel or via FTP. Otherwise future backups would include the previous backup archives.