Can I have more than one domain name point to same website?

Yes, you can.

There is more than one way to do this, and the way you choose depends on a couple of things. Whichever way you go, you will need to have a hosting package (the ‘Domain Parking’ package is probably best suited for this at £14.99 + VAT per year) for each secondary domain.

The simplest, and the least likely to cause further complications would be to redirect web traffic for the secondary domain to the primary domain outright. This is done using a redirect rule in the .htaccess file in the web root (the public_html folder) of the secondary domain. The most basic version of this rule would look something like the following:

Redirect 301 /

Using this method, the user will see the URL change in the browser from the one entered ( to the one they are being redirected to (

Another way would be to contact us and ask us to map the two domains together on our system. This way, the URL shown to the user will be the one they typed. One thing to watch out for in this case, would be the use of absolute URLs in links on the site. All links should be relative, else a link on the secondary domain could easily land you on the primary domain.

Both solutions also apply if your secondary domain is registered and hosted with another registrar/host. In this case you would have to change the name servers for your domain to our name servers ( and with the current registrar as well as sorting out the redirection or mapping as described above.