Can I host multiple websites on the same hosting package?

Yes, with any of the bigger hosting packages we offer (Home upwards) you can host websites for multiple domains using a single hosting package. You will, however, require a parking package for each of the other domains you wish to host with us. This is the only way we can map your other domains to point to your main hosting package. It does save costs over having two separate hosting packages for two sites, and the more sites you host with us this way, the higher this saving becomes. If you do this for 6 websites using the Home package and 4 parked domains, it’ll work out to ~£105 yearly, saving around £75 per year. As a general rule, you can host as many sites on one hosting package as the amount of SQL databases it has available (there are exceptions).

It all works with a bit of trickery. You’d have one main package. Let’s say the main package (a Home hosting package with at least one unused SQL database) is for We (ENOISE) can then map all of your parking packages to your main hosting package. For example, lets’s say you’re parking with us. This will allow you, on your main package, to set up a sub-domain for, and point it to a folder inside of the package web root. It’s convenient to do this for the www. subdomain, and name the folder it would point to appropriately, so lets’s say points to’s public_html/park1 folder. now has to redirect all its traffic to that specific subdomain ( This can be done easily using an .htaccess redirect. Now, when a user types in the browser, they are redirected to (if they typed that instead, they’d just be skipping that step). Because we’ve set it up that way, the files for that site is now fetched from the park1 folder in (even though the user can’t see that). You can do the same thing for and, etc.

The big advantage here is that you are paying for parking packages, and are actually hosting full-fledged websites for each on a single hosting package.