How do I access my hosting control panel?

The ENOISE hosting control panel can be accessed in two different ways… Via the main ENOISE site This is the preferred way, as you don’t need to remember the control panel credentials for each of your packages. All your control panels (each shared hosting package has its own hosting control panel) can be accessed from … Read more

Running multiple Jooma! and WordPress installations on a single hosting package

Yes you can. You would do this as follows: Log into your hosting control panel. Via “File Manager”, you can delete the default index.html file, which is the standard ENOISE holding page. Figure 1: CGI script section on control panel. Then, from the CGI Scripts section, select either WordPress or Joomla to begin an installation … Read more

Backing up from the hosting control panel

Backing up your website’s files is very easy and straight forward with the backup tool in the hosting control panel. Please note that you will need to backup/restore your databases separately. To backup your site’s files go to the hosting control panel and click on the “Backup/Restore” icon under “Files”. Figure 1: Files section on … Read more