Apple Mail doesn’t trust security certificate

Shared hosting customers using Apple Mail have repeatedly reported issues with SSL certificates not being trusted. In most cases the first time Apple Mail connects to your ENOISE mailbox it will show a dialog box saying that the identity of your mail server can not be identified. Apple Mail will prompt you to verify the … Read more


Forwarders can be set up to catch messages sent to specific email addresses at your domain and drop them in a mailbox of your choice, or send them elsewhere. This is done from “Forwarding” under “Email” in the hosting control panel. Figure 1: Email options on the hosting control panel. One of the awesome things … Read more

Junk mail filters?

ENOISE offers effective spam filtering on the server side so that unwanted mail never even reaches the mail client. To enable this, log into your hosting control panel, and locate the “Junk Mail Filters” option in the “Email Configuration” section. Figure 1: Email options on the hosting control panel. Junk mail filters use advanced technology … Read more

How do I set up my mail client to use my ENOISE mailboxes?

The exact instructions on how this is configured varies from mail client to mail client, so it’s hard to provide a single set of step-by-step instructions to cover all bases. This instructions are generic and apply to all mail clients (Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, MS Outlook …). The info you will need is the following … Read more