Forwarders can be set up to catch messages sent to specific email addresses at your domain and drop them in a mailbox of your choice, or send them elsewhere. This is done from “Forwarding” under “Email” in the hosting control panel.

mail option in control panel
Figure 1: Email options on the hosting control panel.

One of the awesome things about forwarders is that you don’t need to have a mailbox set up for the email address you are catching. This could be very handy for the smaller hosting packages where you are restricted to only one or a few mailboxes, or where you simply want emails to several email addresses to end up in the same place.

email forwarding page
Figure 2: The email forwarding page.

You can also catch emails to addresses matching specific patterns, or just simply all emails for which there aren’t mailboxes or other forwarders set up. This is done from “Catch-all Forwarding” in the same section of the hosting control panel.

catch all email forwarding page
Figure 3: Catch all email forwarding can also be setup from the hosting control panel.