Hosting Limitations

In order to avoid misunderstandings, we wanted to include this topic to clarify certain limitations in our hosting packages.

The following limitations apply to ALL shared hosting packages (this is all packages with the exception of vps and dedicated servers):

Email limitations

400Mb / mail box

This means that each main account offers a fixed storage space of 400Mb on the server. For most customers this shouldn’t be an issue as most of you will be downloading your e-mail using a mail client such as Ms Outlook or Apple Mail (please make sure your mail client is configured to delete messages from the server after downloading them).

Outgoing mail

  • Web Servers: Scripts running on the web servers are limited to 1000 emails per 12 hours.
  • Webmail: You are limited to 50 emails per day.
  • PC Software (such as Outlook): There is no limit apart from a maximum of 100 recipients per message.

Distribution Lists

Distribution Lists (from within the hosting control panel): This can be used as many times as you like. Although it is limited to 2500 users per list.

FTP limitations

FTP uploads and downloads are limited to 500MB. If you really need to use a larger file than this in your Web space, you will need to split it into chunks and reassemble them after uploading them separately.


Individual MySQL databases should not be larger than 500MB. If any of your databases grow larger than this, we would notify you so this can be addressed.

Bandwidth restrictions

Web hosting accounts that host file distribution (including but not limited to music, video and software) are limited to a maximum data transfer of 25 GB per month for file distribution.

Server usage

Should your account use more than 5% of the servers processing power and as a result have a detrimental effect on other customers we will discuss with you alternative solutions for your hosting requirements.