How do I access my hosting control panel?

The ENOISE hosting control panel can be accessed in two different ways…

Via the main ENOISE site

This is the preferred way, as you don’t need to remember the control panel credentials for each of your packages. All your control panels (each shared hosting package has its own hosting control panel) can be accessed from our main site. After you log in to your ENOISE dashboard, browse “Accounts” > “Packages” from the menu on the top left. This will take you to a list with all your packages. Select the relevant package and this will display the package details, including a green button labelled “Log in”. This log in button allows you to access directly without having to provide the control panel password.

Control panel log in from main site
The hosting control panel can be accessed from the package detail view in the main ENOISE site.

Using the standalone log in page

Alternatively, you can use the standalone login page. This can be useful when you need to share access to the control panel of one of your packages without giving access to your main ENOISE account. This page will display a log in form where you can use your package specific control panel credentials (these are sent via email when your package is created, but can be changed later). Do note that these credentials are not the same as the ones used on the main site (where you log in with an email address as your username).

Standalone control panel log in.
Standalone control panel log in page.
If you need to reset control panel credentials for one of your packages, the recommended way to do this is to login to the relevant control panel via our main site and change the password once inside he control panel.