How do I enable WHOIS privacy?

WHOIS privacy or Domain Privacy is a service we (and other registration providers, of course) offer that allows customers to hide their personal details from the public WHOIS database. This WHOIS database has records for all domains. When using domain privacy, the WHOIS contacts will show details for the company offering the privacy service instead of the domain owner, acting as a proxy.

Most businesses will probably want their details listed as the owners of their domain names. But sometimes, specially when it comes to individuals, you may not want your personal details published in the public domain. WHOIS privacy is here to save the day, and even better, if your domain is registered with us, you get it for free!

Log in to your ENOISE dashboard and the browse “Account” > “Packages” from the top left menu. This will display a list of all your packages. Click on any package to see the package detail view (Where can I see my package details?).

Domain options in package detail view
Domain options in package detail view

Under the “Domain info” heading we see the WHOIS privacy “switch” that allows you to switch this feature on/off. Bear in mind though that WHOIS changes can take up to 48h to propagate.

Note: Domain must be registered with us for the WHOIS privacy option to appear in the package detail view. Also note that some tlds (Top Level Domains), most notably .uk, do not support this feature.