How do I transfer my domain to ENOISE?

Transferring domain names is probably the one thing the generates the most support tickets on our support system, and this is because unfortunately it is not a very simple process, and it also depends on the TLD (top level domain – .com, and so on).


These kind of domains are probably the easiest to transfer. The only thing you have to do is change the IPSTAG to the new registrar’s in the control panel provided by the current registrar. Our IPSTAG is TUCOWS-CA. Once the IPSTAG has been updated the new registrar can request the transfer and that’s basically it.

You can read more on transferring domain names here.

Transferring .com, .net, .biz, .info or .org domains

When transferring these kind of domains the checklist is a bit longer.

Before we start the transfer process you have to:

  • Make sure that the domain is not locked
  • Whois records are up to date
  • Get the Authorisation Code from your registrar (sometimes it is a bit tricky to find this code on the registrar’s domain control panel, and sometimes you even have to contact there support team to get the authorisation code).

Once the transfer is requested by your new registrar you should receive an email from OpenSRS asking you to confirm the transfer (the e-mail is sent to administrative contact in the WHOIS records). This e-mail will contain a link to a page where you can confirm the transfer. In order to complete the transfer you will need the authorisation code provided by your current registrar and the transfer key included in the OpenSRS email.

More info about transferring gTLDs (.com, .net and so on) in this article: How do I transfer a .com, .net or .org domain?.