How do I upload files larger than 500Mb?

Split file in Windows using 7-zip

Open 7-Zip file manager and browse to the file you want to split.
Right-click on the file and choose “Split file…”.
In the box labelled “Split to volumes, bytes” type in “500M” (no quotes) and click “OK”.
This will create a number of files (volumes) with up to the specified size each.

Upload chunks via FTP

After splitting the file into smaller chunks we now need to upload all of these chunks on to to the server. You would normally be doing this via FTP.

Combine chunks in server

Once the files have already been uploaded on to the server we will need to log on to server using SSH. Remember that you will first need to activate the SSH service.

For example, if you have split a file named filename.pdf which was 450MB you will probably have now three files: filename.pdf.001 (500M), filename.pdf.002 (500M) and filename.pdf.003 (50M). In order to combine this files on the server we will need to type in the following command (in the directory were the files are stored):

cat filename.pdf.* > filename.pdf

This will take all the pieces and combine them into filename.pdf.