How do I reset my WordPress admin password?

If you know the email address assigned to your user in your WordPress site you can simply use the built-in “Lost your password?” link in the WordPress admin panel login page.

admin panel login page
Figure 1: Log in window for a WordPress site.

Note that your credentials in your WordPress site are not related or connected to your hosting credentials.

Often the problem is that we don’t remember the email address we used for our account on that particular site. In this case we need to find out first, and we will look directly in the database.

  1. Login to your account via the hosting control panel
  2. Click on the “MySQL” icon under “Web Tools”
  3. MySQL icon on Web Tools
    Figure 2: Web tools window on the Control panel.
  4. Find the database your WordPress installation is using an click on the “Now” button in the “Manage” column. This will open the phpMyAdmin interface for the selected database. If you have more than one database and are not sure which one is the one for the relevant installation you can always check in the wp-config.php file located in your WordPress installation directory
  5. Manage MySQL column on MySQL Databases page
    Figure 3: Manage MySQL column on MySQL Databases page.
  6. Within PhpMyAdmin, click on wp_users in the left hand column
  7. Choose browse from the top menu
  8. You will see all your users with usernames, emails and encrypted passwords. If necessary modify your user’s email to one which will come to you
  9. Now that we know which email address to use, go back to the WordPress login screen
  10. Request a new password