Howto: SSH instead of telnet on my account? (Mac)

The SSH Secure Shell (SSH) is a program that allows secure network services over an insecure network, such as the internet. It allows you to securely login to remote host computers, to execute commands safely on a remote computer, and to provide secure encrypted and authenticated communications between two hosts in an untrusted network.

If you have a shared hosting package with us (all our packages with the exception of VPS and Dedicates Servers) you will have to request SSH to be enabled before you can connect to it. To this you will have to submit an SSH Request Access Form along with scans of id documents. More info in this article: How do I get SSH access?.

The Terminal is a built-in Application on Mac OS X which means you can use it straight away without downloading anything.

Using Finder navigate to the “Applications” folder, then “Utilities” and open the “Terminal”.

To connect to your domain via SSH type the following command into the terminal and then press enter:

ssh -l yourdomain yourdomain

Note: The ‘-l’ attribute stands for ‘login as user’. In all ENOISE shared hosting packages the username will always be the same as the domain name.

Figure 1: Acces to SSH using Mac terminal.

Alternatively you can specify the username and hostname in the following format: username@hostname. For example:

ssh yourdomain@yourdomain

For more information about SSH, please see below.
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