Running multiple Jooma! and WordPress installations on a single hosting package

Yes you can.

You would do this as follows: Log into your hosting control panel.

Via “File Manager”, you can delete the default index.html file, which is the standard ENOISE holding page.

CGI script section on control panel
Figure 1: CGI script section on control panel.

Then, from the CGI Scripts section, select either WordPress or Joomla to begin an installation of either. With both of these, on the first step, you are prompted to enter the name of the directory where you would like your installation to go. If you leave it blank, it would go in the web root, public_html. You can have one installation directly in the web root. This would then be the site you see when navigating to Any further installs (WordPress or Joomla) would have to go in a directory within public_html, so you would enter a directory name on this step. They would end up at Beyond that, simply follow each installation process as per normal.

WordPress Instalation page

WordPress instalation page
Figure 2: WordPress instalation page.

Joomla! Instalation page

Joomla! instalation page
Figure 3: Joomla! instalation page.