How do I unlock FTP access?

All our shared hosting packages include FTP access, but please note that before accessing you will need to “unlock FTP” via the hosting control panel. The FTP locking system was implemented a few years ago in order to improve security for all of our customers. The lock is designed primarily to counter the advance of … Read more

How do I upload files larger than 500Mb?

Split file in Windows using 7-zip Open 7-Zip file manager and browse to the file you want to split. Right-click on the file and choose “Split file…”. In the box labelled “Split to volumes, bytes” type in “500M” (no quotes) and click “OK”. This will create a number of files (volumes) with up to the … Read more

Hosting Limitations

In order to avoid misunderstandings, we wanted to include this topic to clarify certain limitations in our hosting packages. The following limitations apply to ALL shared hosting packages (this is all packages with the exception of vps and dedicated servers): Email limitations 400Mb / mail box This means that each main account offers a fixed … Read more