What kind of hosting do I choose for my WordPress site?

If you are completely new to WordPress we recommend you try the free service offered at WordPress.com. This is truly the easiest way to get started, and did we mention it’s free? As you would expect, this free service does have some key limitations, which make good reasons for you to host your WordPress site with ENOISE instead. Here are a few things you CAN do with ENOISE:

  • Use custom themes
  • Use custom plugins
  • E-commerce is allowed
  • Not limited to WordPress only

If you are a web designer/developer who builds your own themes or plugins, or if you would simply like more control over these things than WordPress.com allows, you will need a self-hosted solution. This is where companies like ENOISE come in. We offer different hosting solutions which give you more freedom and control; from simple shared hosting to dedicated hardware.

If you are building a personal blog or a small business site you’ll be looking to start off with shared hosting. Our shared hosting packages are preconfigured, and set up with a web-based control panel, so you can focus on your site and not have to worry about configuring and maintaining your server.

For larger sites and more advanced users we offer VPS and dedicated servers, where you get full root access to your very own server. If you are familiar with the UNIX shell, SSH, Apache, MYSQL, PHP and so on, this is the way to go.

* More info about the difference between WordPress.com (free service) and WordPress.org (self hosted open source) check the following links: